How to become a partner

We are sourcing opportunities from a range of Issuers to provide investors with a wide choice of investment options spanning real estate, agriculture, private equity and forestry markets.

Managing and offering proportionally-owned investment markets is what we do at Syndex. It’s the only thing we do.

We don’t create or market any kind of investment product of our own. That’s the job of our partners – who originate investment opportunities, such as fund managers, crowdfunders, syndicators, distributors, and company owners.


Syndex provides transformational administration and easy member communication

For co-operative and mutual businesses, Syndex offers a suite of core services from shareholder registry through to the management of production or supply related entitlements.

Inclusive with the Syndex service is a powerful CRM engine that enhances communication and engagement with your co-operative community. What supply is required next week? What are the forecasts for the month ahead? What changes do shareholders need to know about? All this can be pushed out to hand-picked lists of shareholders as often as required. Even prospective shareholders can be listed and kept up to date with how well a co-operative is performing.

If you’re a shareholder who sometimes needs to ‘share up’ or ‘share down’ to balance your supply to a co-operative, Syndex lets you do that at any time on the trading platform. That way you don’t need to leave money on the table because the paperwork hasn’t been done.

Alternatively, as a shareholder you might want to access new sources of capital and shareholding alternatives. Syndex provides a marketplace to present opportunities to registered Syndex investors who form part of the broader Syndex community.

All this Syndex functionality can sit comfortably behind the co-operatives own website and systems, including options to incorporate the branding.

Why your Cooperative will enjoy Syndex

Administration Reduction:

The integrated administration and CRM processes means that all shareholder activities and interactions can be managed on Syndex in a reliable and efficient manner.

Positive experiences:

As a cloud-based service, your shareholder community will value the 24/7 access Syndex provides especially when they need access to co-operative information, reports and analytics.

Why will your members enjoy Syndex?

Trading & Liquidity:

Peace of mind in knowing that there are options for trading shares or entitlements when they need to.

Access to capital:

The opportunity to access alternative sources of capital to support the growth of their businesses or to facilitate succession.

Convenience with Security:

Syndex is deployed on one of the largest most utilised and trusted platforms in the world, ensuring reliability and security for our community of users.