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MyFarm Investments

MyFarm was one of Syndex's original partners, joining forces in 2015. Back then MyFarm had 6 issues and was looking to solve two key challenges. The first was liquidity for their investors. The company needed to better accommodate investors accustomed to the ease and liquidity of investments in the public markets to consider their offers.

The second challenge was the growing number of spreadsheets and manual processes involved in every issue. MyFarm needed smarter systems and access to more investors in order to realise the forecast growth. The need to streamline all aspects of investor relations was clear and digitisation was the only solution. 

Forward to the present day and MyFarm have over 30 issues. Even with the challenging backdrop of 2020, MyFarm had a record year executing $185 million of investment across a range of areas in New Zealand's primary sectors. This included seven kiwifruit orchards, two vineyards, three rural commercial properties, a Rockit apple orchard development and various syndicate extensions or final capital raises.

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MyFarm Investments

MyFarm is New Zealand's most experienced farm investment company. Since 1990, they have provided investors with opportunities to access returns from New Zealand farming through investment in handpicked, premium primary sector assets. Today they have more than $480 million of assets under management.

“Syndex is a win-win relationship. When you get that tough question, ‘How do I get out?’, we’ve got an answer.”

Andrew Watters, MyFarm CEO

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MyFarm Investments

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MyFarm scales up for a record year

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