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NZPM Co-operative

NZPM Co-operative Limited

NZPM was Syndex’s first co-operative to use the platform. Working closely with NZPM, the Syndex team was able to explore the co-op structure and its needs. NZPM now use a system that gives them efficiencies, in time and resources, which has enabled them to scale up with ease.  

A key feature for co-operatives is the dividend and rebate technology, that relieves administrative pressure with slick programming and automation. This tech uses a unique algorithm to offer a flexible, cost-effective and professional rebate processing system.

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NZPM Co-operative Limited

NZPM Co-operative Limited is a limited liability co-operative company owned by its customer shareholders. NZPM’s main operating businesses are Plumbing World and Metrix Imports.

"It’s off-the-shelf software, but where we have control within our branded space and can offer a more personal touch - this fits with the co-op ethos."

Brett Cruickshank, CFO

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NZPM Co-operative Limited

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NZPM Co-operative Limited

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Case Study

Efficient member m'ment aligns with NZPM's co-op principles

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